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Project Planning      Major issue involved with a project are time which manages the cost of project. Scheduling a project requires grate  skills. Sticking to the schedule runs the project in a smoother pace and also brings back more profit. We at TAP  concentrate mainly upon the schedule i.e complete the project within time frame and automatically the cost of project  comes within budget with our experience we make schedules that best suits the project. Scheduling of project involves.  Resource management Budget Management Manpower Management Change Management Issue Management     The Biggest fear on which a project success depends is the key persons involved in the project. Even if a single  person leaves the project in between then the project time and budget gets hampered to a very greater extent. To over  come this we have tried to implement a kind of system that helps the project owner to take over the tasks to his hand  whenever he wants to do so so that there is no effect on the project. One of such example is as shown below for  scheduling of a project.    
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Prepared By:- Pavan Kumar Misra
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