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Project Management One of the fastest emerging field in the industry.  PCM Helps the industry continue to grow in scale and scope- taking on complicated projects by assessing the organization’s current practices against industry- recognized best practice which helps the business to identify gaps in practice of project management where we help to focus on opportunities that will drive improvements in the business performance and results. Our Basic strategy is to explore options unknown to the organization and then help to select the most promising option to implement. We also help client to determine the broad, long term goals in business. Various sub fields involved to accomplish above task are:-                                                    1. Program Management                               2. Portfolio Management      3. Change Management      4. Procurement Management We at TAP  work dedicatedly for client for their project requirement and help them to achieve there main goal that is profit. By involving various strategies to overcome hiccups. The industries that we have served since begining of our company are:- 1. Vegetable Oil Industry :- Worked for project management service to guide client to achieve the project completion within                  time and budget. By implementing an effective coordination between client and EPCC ( Engineering                  Procurement Construction ). 2. Cotton ginning:-               Designed and implemented a cotton ginning plant keeping budget and time under control maintaining                                 quality of plant and mark upto international standards. 3. Dairy Industry:-                Deo ordioriser system for removal of odorous material in desi Ghee. Type of Industries that we cater are:- 1. Vegetable Oil Industry 2. Bio-Diesel Plant 3. Distillation Plant 4. Fractional Distillation Plant 5. Construction Material for all types of Manufacturing plant. 6. Fire Fighting Systems 7. HVAC System for complete sections            
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Prepared By:- Pavan Kumar Misra
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